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Tyranny of Covered California: An Unusable Website

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This bit about Covered California is less important than the others, as it’s not going to ruin lives, but the website is so shockingly bad I think it needs to be addressed. See, there’s no viable way of entering temporary income in the website. You can enter a one time occurrence but can’t assign it to a specific month, only the present month. There isn’t a viable way to account for temporary income. During the month of July I had received dozens of letters, many on the same day, that would say wildly different things. I qualify for Covered… Read the rest

Tyranny of Covered California: Incompetence to Cost Working Poor Millions

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I’m going to Tarantino this a bit and skip over much of my appeals process and the ridiculousness of trying to use until next post. For now I’m going to focus on what’s really important, how incompetence on the part of the state is going to cost the working poor millions in extra taxes.

Despite my clear and thorough reporting of all my income, including a clear statement that I was working a temporary job which was now complete Social Services entered my income as regular monthly income. This meant that Covered California expected me to earn… Read the rest

Tyranny of Covered California: Punishing People for Working

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With my application for Medi-Cal submitted I was assured I would have coverage in a few weeks. That’s not how things turned out. Every couple of days I would get the same letter, stating that I didn’t qualify for Covered California but my information would be submitted for Medi-Cal. I think I’ve gotten that same letter at least 2 dozen times. Then, finally, on April 11th, nearly 5 months after I first applied I was sent a letter giving me an effective date of May 1st, 2014. I got a card and everything. Finally, I was to have insurance.… Read the rest

Tyranny of Covered California: The Application

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After first applying for health insurance in November of 2013 I was finally granted insurance 22 days ago, September 1st 2014. It took a total of 10 months to obtain and I expect it to be gone by the end of the month. To give some background in my ability to fill out an insurance application: I have previously been employed as a Licensed Insurance Agent, Insurance Application Specialist and Claims Analyst, level 2. Part of my responsibilities as a Claims Analyst was understanding the ACA(ObamaCare) and giving presentations to others at my company to help them understand the… Read the rest