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The Murray Affair

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The Murray Affair

Last night I attended The Murray Affair which was an art show at San Francisco Public Works centered around Bill Murray himself. It was far from medium talent.

group shot Bill Murray t-shirt

There were hundreds of paintings and other assorted Murray themed artwork. There were multiple bars, a “Meatballs” food cart, a dance floor and hundreds of Murray-heads. It was pretty awesome.

Bill Murray artwork

Numerous people came in costumes or Murray t-shirts and everybody was super nice. If I learned anything from last night it’s that Bill Murray fans are just a bit better class of people than the average.

Steve Zissou dancingRead the rest

San Francisco Gay Pride Parade 2014

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girl with David Chiu sign

Yesterday I went to Pride 2014 in SF. It was pretty rad. Now, it’s no secret that I love gay pride parades. If I was a man of means I would probably travel the world during the summer, hopping from gay pride parade to gay pride parade. That may seem an odd life goal for a straight man but I don’t exactly claim a seat at the corner dining booth of non-odd society. I’m just a guy who loves taking pictures of smiling people in festive outfits. If you know a place better than a pride parade to find… Read the rest

Tom Robbins and 4 Ladies

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I just got back from San Francisco. Being part of the 7/11 crowd in SF requires me to scurry home like a South Bay bilge rat before the last train leaves around 11ish, shunned until my visa run allows me to return the next morning. I’ve gotten fairly used to the scurrying by now and it sure beats parking in SF, or kicking out that rent, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy it.

Tonight I was in the city to hear Tom Robbins speak about his life and his new book, Tibetan Peach Pie. I was there to hear… Read the rest

And I or And me

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I often hear people say “(person) and I” when it should be “(person) and me”.

I hear people doing this wrong all the damn time. Mainly I think it’s because people learn, incorrectly, that “and I” is the proper way so they correct themselves when they shouldn’t.

If I want to say that Nadya and I are going to the store that’s what I should say. “Nadya and I are going to the store”. *But* if I want to ask if you want to go to the store with Nadya and me, that’s correct. “Do you want to go… Read the rest