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5 Signs That Autistics Are Vampires

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Vampire Sheldon

Many ancient myths are based in fact. Manatees were mistaken for mermaids, the city of Troy turned out to be more truth than legend and zombies were actually just drugged Haitians. Like the aforementioned bath-salted Hispaniolas, vampires do exist; they’ve just been exaggerated in popular literature and movies. Vampires are, in fact, high functioning autistics.

As Joss Whedon said, “Every vampire fiction reinvents vampires to its own needs. You take what you want.” And this is how we disassociated vampires from their Aspergers origin, by adding slight exaggerations for the purpose of story-telling.

What, Read the rest

It Doesn’t Matter That The NFL Is Nonprofit

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Twice yesterday I was faced with articles decrying the NFL for being a nonprofit. Once was on Facebook and once on reddit. I try not to get too involved in either of those places. People take things personal when you call out their political stances on Facebook and, in general, I try not to get too involved in the schoolyard squabbles of reddit. Having heated online debates with anonymous kids just isn’t how I wish to live my life.

I often fail in my cosplay of Switzerland though, because deep down I’m a know-it-all. And, faulty facts and logic… Read the rest

Marijuana and The 2014 Super Bowl

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playoff states and marijuana legality

We are only one week away from Super Bowl 48. Denver versus Seattle. It should be a good game and there are plenty of interesting story lines; Old versus New, Mobile QB versus Pocket Passer, Unstoppable Force versus Immovable Object and all that. I’m sure that’s all very compelling copy but I’m not Bill Simmons. I don’t know enough about The Jersey Shore or The WWF to write about sports. I do know a thing or two about marijuana though, so that’s what we’ll focus on today. Bluntly put, if you… Read the rest

Tom Brady is a Robot

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I’m just going to put my cards on the table here. No need to pussyfoot around or obfuscate the situation. Whilst I’m always a bit fearful of libel, truth is an absolute defense. The truth is; Tom Brady is a robot.

As we get ready for Tom Brady to face off versus whoever it is that coaches the Broncos, this is the most important thing to keep in mind. Whoever it is that coaches the Broncos isn’t battling against only the best coach of all time but also the finest machine the Air Force has ever manufactured. It almost… Read the rest