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Singapore: Miserable or Happiest?

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Before I get into the misery situation in Singapore, something I hope to do by tomorrow, I first want to address the survey that has been generating “Most miserable” headlines. Simply put, the survey doesn’t do a good job of measuring misery and shouldn’t be looked at as an accurate gauge of a country’s misery. The problem here is brand recognition. People hear “Gallup poll” and instantly give it credence. And, in some ways, that’s fair. Gallup is well known for effectively conducting surveys. What they aren’t known for is determining what makes a population happy or miserable. They… Read the rest

5 Phrases that make you sound stupid and lazy

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Have you ever been in a conversation with somebody and realized, in the middle of a sentence, that you’re actually talking to an idiot? They seem normalish and then they say something like, “I’m such a Pisces”. That’s how stupid people get you, by being mostly not-stupid. Most stupid people aren’t “stupid” in an overall sense. Some of the dumbest people I’ve met have been very successful: doctors, entrepreneurs, scientists; yet they completely lack ability in other areas of intelligence. They’re like a deaf, dumb and blind kid who is really good at one particular thing. Let’s say, pinball,… Read the rest

The 3 principles of weight loss

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The internet does not need another weight loss article, I get it. If I were going for hits on keywords, bountiful SEO and trying to sell ad space I’d stay far away from this topic. The market is glutted with weight loss tips far flashier than mine. But I’m not here for the SEO and the CPI, I’m here for the people. I’m here for the truth. The truth of the matter is that nearly everything involving weight loss on the web is a lie, or a half truth at best. I’m not here to coddle you, or… Read the rest

NFL Football Players and Arrest Rates

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There seems to be an assumption that NFL players are often criminals and get arrested all the time. Every week on SportsCenter there’s a new report of a murder, rape, domestic abuse or weird self-love. But the news doesn’t match up with reality. You hear about it all the time because every time a player is arrested it’s news, but when Johnny next door gets arrested for drank you just don’t hear about it. This skews our perception of reality and paints NFL stars as criminals rather than the law abiding people they tend to… Read the rest