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2014 AFC Championship Game: The Bradybot versus Marine Manning


This Sunday at high noon Tom Brady will face Peyton Manning for the 15th time. Two of the best quarterbacks of all time will go head to head to determine who goes on to the Super Bowl. One will continue to face the new guard from the west and the other will go home to cry on a pile of money. Nearing the twilight of their careers one of these gridiron warriors will get a chance to win it all.

At least, that’s the story they want you to believe. That’s the narrative that sells sugar water and sub par pizza to people too high to know better. Those are the lies that move the cologne into the carts. So that’s the story we’ll hear this week.

But it’s not a true story, at least not a whole truth. And truth is what we’re all about here at The Strategic Retreat, truth and Chipotle burritos. It’s not the truth because Brady and Manning will never take the field at the same time. Manning is competing against the Patriots defense, not their offense. Football is essentially 3 different games where they add up the scores at the end and declare a winner. Brady and Manning are not in direct competition with each other. They each only play 1/3rd of the game and never at the same time.They compete against each other like swimmers, not like sportsmen. Their competition is the opposing defense, not each other.

The only people who are battling directly against each other this week are Bill Belichick and whoever coaches the Broncos. This is, of course, all by design. Manning and Brady were never meant to battle each other. That would be contrary to their purpose, it would expose weakness in both of them and ruin both projects.

It’s understandable to not know about this portion, most people don’t know about the projects. Most people will dismiss the truth rather than ponder on it. Most people don’t even want to know, they’re perfectly happy to sit in their allegorical caves, looking at pretty images on the tv. But there is a truth and here it is; Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are both military experiments. Tom Brady, a mechanized pilot for the Air Force and Peyton Manning a super soldier for the Marines.

Both have been in development since prior to the merger. A continuation of tech and dollars that were strategically appropriated from the failed moon landing in 1969. The Manning experiment began in earnest in 1973, although precursors go back decades whilst the Bradybot didn’t come online until September of 2001.

While I don’t necessarily have “proof” of this that I’m at liberty to share I also can’t “prove” that Michael Jordan was on a super secret suspension from basketball for gambling during the 93-94 season. Or that the CIA introduced crack and AIDS into the country because they hate people who are gay and/or black. But, if you search your heart you know it to be true.

Let us continue down this rabbit whole as I explain the information we have on how Super Manning and The Bradybot came to be in my next two articles.

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