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I’m Back!

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It was hard for me, so back off.

Hey y’all. It’s Jeff, and I’m back. Or, I will be rather soon.

Since I started this blog over a decade ago it has never been a smooth running machine. Though I enjoyed an absolute ton of traffic in the mid to late 2000s things have died down a bit due to my lack of consistent writing and no attempt to spread the word.

To give a brief timeline since the late 2000s: Got divorced, got on meds to help with divorce-based depression that destroyed my health, spent a year… Read the rest

Is Singapore miserable? A rebuttal to the BBC

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colorfull shutters in singapore

Today I woke up to read a story about Singapore on The BBC. Charlotte Ashton asks, ‘Does Singapore deserve its ‘miserable’ tag?‘. I didn’t particularly care for it as it mainly consists of a complaint without ever attempting to get at the answer to the author’s question. I disliked it so much that I felt compelled to write the following critique.

Charlotte starts off by describing the lack of misery around her. She, a well off expat who associates with like minded and walleted… Read the rest

Singapore is not the most expensive city in the world

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Singapore skyline night

A few hours after I published an article on the cost of owning a car in Singapore I stumbled across a story naming Singapore the most expensive city in the world. Now, Singapore is wicked expensive; I’m certainly not denying that but it’s not the most expensive place in the world.

Singapore may be the most expensive place for a rich expat trying to live the exact kind of life he/she was leading before moving. If that’s what they mean by “most expensive city” then I won’t… Read the rest

In defense of American measurements

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American rubbish bin

Europeans love to tell Americans about American flaws. You can’t spend 1 hour in a Thai hostel without some Dane letting you know that your country is doing everything wrong. Which, can be OK; pointing out flaws from a different perspective can be beneficial. Maybe you’ll see something you’ve never noticed before. But, more often than not, they aren’t looking for a discussion but an opportunity for beratement. It’s not so much pointing out something from a different angle but explaining how everything in your country should be the way it’s done in their country. They know how they… Read the rest