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Michael Phelps Is Not The Greatest Olympian Ever

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Michael Phelps by Marcopako cc license

Michael Phelps is not the greatest Olympian ever. Despite what The Guardian or Sports Illustrated brashly declared before the 2012 Olympics even ended he is very far from being “the greatest”. Unlike I don’t have the misguided hubris to state my opinion is “beyond debate”. Nothing is beyond debate so I will present to you 7 points as to why Michael Phelps isn’t the greatest Olympian.

1. Swimming is not a real sport.

That’s the crux of it all right there. Swimming is athletic, it is challenging, it’s even sporting in a way but it’s not… Read the rest

5 Reasons I Live Better Than A King

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I live better than a king. Sure, there are modern day kings who live better than me but they’re mostly kings in title only. When I say that I live better than a king I’m referring to Medieval European kings. While it’s true that I don’t make much money, have almost no power and don’t come from a connected family I’m still doing better than the most powerful men of 500 years ago. Below I’ve listed 5 reasons to supported my claim that I, Zervas, live better than the head honchos of yesteryear.

Life Expectancy:

People just… Read the rest

10 Celebrities Who Should Have Died Young

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Some people overstay their welcome. Like the house guest thats great for the first few days but eventually drinks all the beer and won’t get off your couch, some celebrities just stick around too long. Whether they become drunks, failures, criminals, perverts or worst of all; George Lucases (Luci?), later actions ruin their legacy. Below are the top 10 celebrities who could have been remembered fondly, if only they left in the year suggested.

10. Orson Welles: 1942


What he was: The 20-something writer, director, producer and star of “Citizen Kane”.

What he became: An Read the rest