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Yahoo Travel Doesn’t Know From Night Markets

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Deepavali in Singapore

Yesterday Yahoo Travel published an article on “top 10 night markets in the world”. It was clearly written by somebody who has never been to a night market, but that’s not really what bugs me about it. What does bug me is:

1. Yahoo did not get my permission to use my photo.

2. Tekka Centre is not a night market.

3. That is not a picture of Tekka. That’s a picture taken a block away, off Serangoon during Deepavali/Diwali.

meat at Tekka

Also, Tekka Centre smells like it looks, and it doesn’t look like fragrant jasmine.

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The Murray Affair

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The Murray Affair

Last night I attended The Murray Affair which was an art show at San Francisco Public Works centered around Bill Murray himself. It was far from medium talent.

group shot Bill Murray t-shirt

There were hundreds of paintings and other assorted Murray themed artwork. There were multiple bars, a “Meatballs” food cart, a dance floor and hundreds of Murray-heads. It was pretty awesome.

Bill Murray artwork

Numerous people came in costumes or Murray t-shirts and everybody was super nice. If I learned anything from last night it’s that Bill Murray fans are just a bit better class of people than the average.

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San Francisco Gay Pride Parade 2014

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girl with David Chiu sign

Yesterday I went to Pride 2014 in SF. It was pretty rad. Now, it’s no secret that I love gay pride parades. If I was a man of means I would probably travel the world during the summer, hopping from gay pride parade to gay pride parade. That may seem an odd life goal for a straight man but I don’t exactly claim a seat at the corner dining booth of non-odd society. I’m just a guy who loves taking pictures of smiling people in festive outfits. If you know a place better than a pride parade to find… Read the rest

How Weird Street Faire, 2014 San Francisco

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thats weird street faire

As I stated in my last post, I should at least be able to post on Sundays. But, the best laid plans of mice and Jeffs often go awry. The fact is, I drag my cracker ass out of bed at 4:30am six days a week and am not much in the writing mood when I get home at 5. But, glorious Sundays are my me-time. My writing time. My sleep in until 9am time. And this Sunday was going exactly as planned, until it wasn’t. Slept in, caught a bubble bath, about to start on my whites. Then… Read the rest