The Strategic Retreat


Crossing the road in Ho Chi Minh

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man clipping toe nails on bike

Ho Chi Minh has been on my mind lately. During this last week of local travel I did a lot of driving whilst my mind turned to the self contemplation that naturally parallels such rote chores. This led me to realize that the Bay Area is not for me and I need to develop an exit strategy. For now, that exit strategy is looking like it may be Vietnam.

I was able to spend a small amount of time in HCMC last year and am currently leaning towards moving there for a year or two. My plan is… Read the rest

Chilling in Portland Photo

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drunk man in portland

Hey y’all. Articles will commence tomorrow. I was taking a kick-ass trip up the California coast from Santa Barbara to the Bay Area. Kayaking, hiking, frolicking with sea otters, the usual. Due to my ICANN info being public I didn’t want to announce my absence. Mostly, I didn’t want to come back home to find my half bottle of Evan Williams, 3 lottery tickets and ukulele absconded with. I know what time it is.

I’ll be getting back to writing about my views on Singapore and assorted SE Asian travel adventures on the morrow.

Clown Girl Photo

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pink clown girl in portland

I’m not going to be able to post for a few days due to reasons. Here’s a photo I took of a lady clown walking down the street near my old house in Portland.

Singapore: Miserable or Happiest?

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chained door knockers at haw par villa

Before I get into the misery situation in Singapore, something I hope to do by tomorrow, I first want to address the survey that has been generating “Most miserable” headlines. Simply put, the survey doesn’t do a good job of measuring misery and shouldn’t be looked at as an accurate gauge of a country’s misery. The problem here is brand recognition. People hear “Gallup poll” and instantly give it credence. And, in some ways, that’s fair. Gallup is well known for effectively conducting surveys. What they aren’t known for is determining what makes a population happy or miserable. They… Read the rest