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Is Singapore miserable? A rebuttal to the BBC

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colorfull shutters in singapore

Today I woke up to read a story about Singapore on The BBC. Charlotte Ashton asks, ‘Does Singapore deserve its ‘miserable’ tag?‘. I didn’t particularly care for it as it mainly consists of a complaint without ever attempting to get at the answer to the author’s question. I disliked it so much that I felt compelled to write the following critique.

Charlotte starts off by describing the lack of misery around her. She, a well off expat who associates with like minded and walleted… Read the rest

Oreo Shilling Monkeys on Pulau Ubin

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Oreos and monkey in ubin Singapore

I’ve recently decided to try and hawk some photos via stock photography websites. I’ve had a few photos published in various forms of media and thought it would be a potential way of making passive income. So far, that has yet to materialize. The biggest issue, second to me not being a real photographer, is copyright and model releases. Like my writing, my photography is about the truth. I record real people, doing real things. Apparently, you’re not allowed to profit off such circumstances. Which, I kind of get. I have a right to record reality, people have a… Read the rest

Portland is not the “fittest city in America”

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cross country skiing on alberta street

Two days ago Men’s Fitness named Portland the fittest city in America. Although that’s what they printed, that’s not something that’s true. Much like when The Economist named Singapore the world’s most expensive city it’s a problem of shoehorning data into a classification they’ve done a poor job of defining. Unlike The Economist, which did a fairly good job of showing what city is the most expensive for snooty foreigners, Men’s Health just threw a bunch of crap against a… Read the rest