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Is Singapore miserable? A rebuttal to the BBC

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colorfull shutters in singapore

Today I woke up to read a story about Singapore on The BBC. Charlotte Ashton asks, ‘Does Singapore deserve its ‘miserable’ tag?‘. I didn’t particularly care for it as it mainly consists of a complaint without ever attempting to get at the answer to the author’s question. I disliked it so much that I felt compelled to write the following critique.

Charlotte starts off by describing the lack of misery around her. She, a well off expat who associates with like minded and walleted… Read the rest

Oreo Shilling Monkeys on Pulau Ubin

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Oreos and monkey in ubin Singapore

I’ve recently decided to try and hawk some photos via stock photography websites. I’ve had a few photos published in various forms of media and thought it would be a potential way of making passive income. So far, that has yet to materialize. The biggest issue, second to me not being a real photographer, is copyright and model releases. Like my writing, my photography is about the truth. I record real people, doing real things. Apparently, you’re not allowed to profit off such circumstances. Which, I kind of get. I have a right to record reality, people have a… Read the rest

Singapore is not the most expensive city in the world

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Singapore skyline night

A few hours after I published an article on the cost of owning a car in Singapore I stumbled across a story naming Singapore the most expensive city in the world. Now, Singapore is wicked expensive; I’m certainly not denying that but it’s not the most expensive place in the world.

Singapore may be the most expensive place for a rich expat trying to live the exact kind of life he/she was leading before moving. If that’s what they mean by “most expensive city” then I won’t… Read the rest