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Singapore: Miserable or Happiest?

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chained door knockers at haw par villa

Before I get into the misery situation in Singapore, something I hope to do by tomorrow, I first want to address the survey that has been generating “Most miserable” headlines. Simply put, the survey doesn’t do a good job of measuring misery and shouldn’t be looked at as an accurate gauge of a country’s misery. The problem here is brand recognition. People hear “Gallup poll” and instantly give it credence. And, in some ways, that’s fair. Gallup is well known for effectively conducting surveys. What they aren’t known for is determining what makes a population happy or miserable. They… Read the rest

Oreo Shilling Monkeys on Pulau Ubin

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Oreos and monkey in ubin Singapore

I’ve recently decided to try and hawk some photos via stock photography websites. I’ve had a few photos published in various forms of media and thought it would be a potential way of making passive income. So far, that has yet to materialize. The biggest issue, second to me not being a real photographer, is copyright and model releases. Like my writing, my photography is about the truth. I record real people, doing real things. Apparently, you’re not allowed to profit off such circumstances. Which, I kind of get. I have a right to record reality, people have a… Read the rest

Chow Kit Market; The Journey

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Patronas towers in background

It’s been nearly a year now since I first went to Kuala Lumpur and I’ve written nothing about it. At the time, I wanted to put off putting words to paper because I wanted to do it right. Now, as my memory fades and many of the captured images have been liberated, due to limited hard drive space and lack of supervision, I regret that. Forgoing the good for the perfect is something I’ve long done in my life and it’s something I wish to mitigate as I continue traveling towards the unknown. That’s why I started writing again,… Read the rest

Singapore is not the most expensive city in the world

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Singapore skyline night

A few hours after I published an article on the cost of owning a car in Singapore I stumbled across a story naming Singapore the most expensive city in the world. Now, Singapore is wicked expensive; I’m certainly not denying that but it’s not the most expensive place in the world.

Singapore may be the most expensive place for a rich expat trying to live the exact kind of life he/she was leading before moving. If that’s what they mean by “most expensive city” then I won’t… Read the rest