The Strategic Retreat

Chilling in Portland Photo

drunk man in portland

Hey y’all. Articles will commence tomorrow. I was taking a kick-ass trip up the California coast from Santa Barbara to the Bay Area. Kayaking, hiking, frolicking with sea otters, the usual. Due to my ICANN info being public I didn’t want to announce my absence. Mostly, I didn’t want to come back home to find my half bottle of Evan Williams, 3 lottery tickets and ukulele absconded with. I know what time it is.

I’ll be getting back to writing about my views on Singapore and assorted SE Asian travel adventures on the morrow.

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Jeff was born in the back of a War Game Store on the day the first Star Trek movie came out, to a computer programmer mother and a father who wrote the story for Dragon's Lair. Jeff has an MBA, a CSM, and a penchant for sticking his nose where it doesn't belong.