The Strategic Retreat


White woman with Dreads at Portland's Last Thursday

My business model for The Strategic Retreat is a pretty simple bait and switch. Step 1: Don’t even attempt to make money. Step 2: Get majority of hits via one cookie recipe. Step 3: Once readers are lured in with cookies hit em with my own brand of extreme right/left -but never center- perspective. So far, so good.

Dreadlocked Family

In reality there are more steps and sub-points but you get the idea. As not to get too hung up on details; today’s cookies are dreads. Specifically, white people with dreads. Not everyone lives in a world where they trip over dreaded white people on their way to work. I do. These were taken last year in Portland on Alberta Street.

About Jeff

Jeff was born in the back of a War Game Store on the day the first Star Trek movie came out, to a computer programmer mother and a father who wrote the story for Dragon's Lair. Jeff has an MBA, a CSM, and a penchant for sticking his nose where it doesn't belong.