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Earth Hour

Today, March 29, 2008 at 8:00pm is “Earth Hour“. Presently I’m somewhat in shock that something like this has gained enough traction to be taken seriously. I guess I should be pissed but I’m not. Hippies sitting inside, in the dark, are better than hippies outside waving signs.

And really, if you want to shut off your lights for an hour, it doesn’t harm me. It’s just stupid, self congratulatory and accomplishes nothing. Maybe one day you can lie to your kids about how you stopped global warming with Earth Hour just like hippies claim to have stopped the Vietnam War by sitting around and smoking pot. Even Google is going to get in on the action by turning their background to black, because that really helps and they care and it’s not a cheap advertising stunt.* Except when I do it, my background is dark because I care.

Here’s the thing with “Earth Hour”, it’s counterproductive and I believe it’s actually worse than doing nothing. Great, the lights are off for an hour, what about the other 8,783 hours this year? I guess we can forget about those since we participated in Earth Hour. Lets celebrate ourselves and how earth conscious we are!

Things we shouldn’t encourage people to do with an hour: Replace inefficient light bulbs, carpool to work, buy local food, figure out your personal emissions, drink water from the tap, plant something or read some simple ways to actually help.

*Black backgrounds may use more energy on LCD screens than white (except my site, which is magical). Way to lead by example Google.

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