The Strategic Retreat

How Weird Street Faire, 2014 San Francisco

thats weird street faire

As I stated in my last post, I should at least be able to post on Sundays. But, the best laid plans of mice and Jeffs often go awry. The fact is, I drag my cracker ass out of bed at 4:30am six days a week and am not much in the writing mood when I get home at 5. But, glorious Sundays are my me-time. My writing time. My sleep in until 9am time. And this Sunday was going exactly as planned, until it wasn’t. Slept in, caught a bubble bath, about to start on my whites. Then I got a message from my good friend Belinda. She’s in town for the week and wouldn’t be able to meet me on Monday for dinner but wanted to know if I could drive up to San Francisco to hang out. Of course I did, I love my friends. Even more than I love clean laundry. Maybe a bit less than I love bubble baths and sleeping-in but those goals had already been accomplished.

soup of the day is whiskey

An hour and a half later and I’m sipping coffee at Philz in The Mission, we decide to head to this weird street festival called, How Weird. I was not disappointed. Weird it was. The weirdness was only outshone by how inclusive and fun it was. Hippies, sexy raver chicks, Star Wars cosplay, random naked dude, the type of musical clowns I grew all too familiar with in Portland, and; plain ol me.

tie dyed dancing hippie

The air was filled with kind and electronic music. Every alley had a stage at the end, each with its own vibe. The favorite alley of mine and Belinda’s included a DJ tossing out frisbies, a scantily clad girl leading a near naked girl by a neck chain, a tie-dyed old hippie, various forms of furies, a guy straight out of an Occupy riot and everything in between. We all boogied down to whatever it is kids call EDM these days. It was like a chill rave, with a warehouse as big as the whole outdoors and the trippiest lighting of all time, daylight. There were drugs and nudity and strange costumes yet it felt super wholesome.

musical clowns

It’s difficult for me to convey how actually fucking weird a wholesome, daylight, techno, costumed, dance party is. But as weird and open as everyone was; the people were nice as hell. It was a great, mildly adventurous time on a beautiful 72 degree(That’s 22 in Canadian) day.

hula hooper

So, yes I didn’t meet my goal of posting last week. But, I did meet my goal of continuing to be rad and leading a fulfilling life. Everything else is more of a guideline.

cantina band at that's weird

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