The Strategic Retreat

I’m Back!

It was hard for me, so back off.

Hey y’all. It’s Jeff, and I’m back. Or, I will be rather soon.

Since I started this blog over a decade ago it has never been a smooth running machine. Though I enjoyed an absolute ton of traffic in the mid to late 2000s things have died down a bit due to my lack of consistent writing and no attempt to spread the word.

To give a brief timeline since the late 2000s: Got divorced, got on meds to help with divorce-based depression that destroyed my health, spent a year in bed, moved to my parents place to recover, moved to Asia to “find myself”, found myself, came back to the U.S., took any job I could get (moving boxes for minimum wage), enrolled in an MBA program, had septoplasty surgery (Can now breathe), got some promotions, traveled between semesters (performed at Burning Man, frolicked with Grizzly Bears in Canada, Ballooned in Capadocia, hiked the wall, climbed ice castles in Harbin, watched 200 VHS tapes in Wisconsin, etc.), graduated last weekend with my grades posting today (3.94 GPA, 99th percentile on the field test. Not too shabby).

University of South Dakota MBA

University of South Dakota MBA

In that time I think I’ve become less of a jerk, less snarky, but haven’t lost my chewy center. If anything, this blog is going to be better than ever, though I will purposefully sidestep any issues that I feel may significantly harm my employment.

My goals are simple: find a job I don’t hate, travel til the wheels fall off, be a good friend, learn to be more compassionate and less judgemental, and put all the stories down that I’ve written in my head over the past 5 years. I hope some of you enjoy the journey.

– Jeff

About Jeff

Jeff was born in the back of a War Game Store on the day the first Star Trek movie came out, to a computer programmer mother and a father who wrote the story for Dragon's Lair. Jeff has an MBA, a CSM, and a penchant for sticking his nose where it doesn't belong.