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Now, with comments

nam prisoner

A big howdy out there to everybody who still reads my little piece of the blog-o-square. Whilst I no longer get 10s of thousands of hits a day, The Strategic Retreat is still doing surprisingly well. Build a better chocolate chip cookie or make a snarky post about celebrities and StumbleUpon will beat a path to your door. I suppose that since I haven’t kept up this blog for 6 years or so, that’s all I can ask for.

I’ve started writing again so I thought it best to give an update as to the current state of affairs. The biggest change is that I’ve enabled comments. When I first started this site I wanted a place to rant and poke fun in peace, without any crazy assholes interfering with that. But times, and people, change. I’m no longer beholden to the whims of others for fear of harsh words. I also have much more respect for feedback and contrary opinions than I once did. Maybe I got all kumbaya whilst backpacking through Asia, maybe I’m just less of a jerk now that I’m older. It’s hard to say. What’s easy to say is that people who are sure they’re right, without considering the benefits of peer review, are often the craziest assholes of them all. If you block out dissenting opinion you’re not allowing yourself to grow or face -and correct- flaws in your beliefs. And that can only lead to one place, a shack in Montana. I don’t want to live in a shack in Montana. So, here we are.

Bataan Death March

My life has changed a lot over the past half decade; for better and for worse. I’d like to focus on the better whilst still trying to improve the worse. I’m not entirely sure of what direction I’ll be taking this site; cooking, travel, politics, photography. I’m going to do what I feel until a focus appears organically. Hopefully, whatever I do, it’s helpful and informative to my readers, failing that; I hope to entertain. Suggestions are welcome, but may not be heeded.

Please don't walk through the mass graves

So, in summary; I’m going to tinker around and fix up the site, I no longer have crippling agoraphobia/anxiety/depression/sleep-apnea so you can comment, I spent the last year cooking and traveling so I should have some interesting tales and recipes to share. I hope you like what I throw down, if not; try not to be a dick about it. I’m Jeff, I look forward to spitting words at you.

About Jeff

Jeff was born in the back of a War Game Store on the day the first Star Trek movie came out, to a computer programmer mother and a father who wrote the story for Dragon's Lair. Jeff has an MBA, a CSM, and a penchant for sticking his nose where it doesn't belong.