The Strategic Retreat

Oreo Shilling Monkeys on Pulau Ubin

Oreos and monkey in ubin Singapore

I’ve recently decided to try and hawk some photos via stock photography websites. I’ve had a few photos published in various forms of media and thought it would be a potential way of making passive income. So far, that has yet to materialize. The biggest issue, second to me not being a real photographer, is copyright and model releases. Like my writing, my photography is about the truth. I record real people, doing real things. Apparently, you’re not allowed to profit off such circumstances. Which, I kind of get. I have a right to record reality, people have a right to not have me sell their images. Fair enough. The copyright thing really sticks in my craw though. I’ve had images denied for ridiculous reasons, like a rotting boat sinking into the bay was denied on copyright grounds. Presumably because the ship had a name painted on the side. Just because I can’t sell some photos doesn’t mean I can’t share them.

Monkey carrying box of oreos up a tree

These are from a day trip I took with my friends Ioana and Colm to Pulau Ubin in Singapore. Singapore is mainly just Singapore but there are a few islands you can visit. Most famously there is Sentosa which is a resort island well known for its lack of rules but there’s also the less known(although best known of the lesser islands) island of Ubin. Ubin is a 10 minute bum boat ride from Changi village and offers a day of fun for little cost. It’s a great place to go for a day of bike riding or kayaking.

monkey in tree with box of oreos

Fact about the island; it’s filled with Oreo coveting monkeys. There’s a whole story behind this group of pictures, it involves a pack of feral pigs and a pack of monkeys in a full out war over an Indian family’s picnic lunch but today I just want to share some photos of monkeys eating Oreos. I’ll save the recounting of my Ubin bike adventure for a later day. Online stock photography’s loss is your gain. Oreo Monkeys.

small monkey with pack of oreos

And this little guy, who’s sipping on some 100 Plus.

monkey and 100 plus bottle

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