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San Francisco Gay Pride Parade 2014

girl with David Chiu sign

Yesterday I went to Pride 2014 in SF. It was pretty rad. Now, it’s no secret that I love gay pride parades. If I was a man of means I would probably travel the world during the summer, hopping from gay pride parade to gay pride parade. That may seem an odd life goal for a straight man but I don’t exactly claim a seat at the corner dining booth of non-odd society. I’m just a guy who loves taking pictures of smiling people in festive outfits. If you know a place better than a pride parade to find that, I’m all ears.

Police officer family with bubbles

One thing that really pleased me about the parade was how family friendly it was. I mean, sure; you’d need to be an open minded family but it was still family friendly. It’s San Francisco and there was plenty of penis and boobs and strange looking people but really, that’s just San Francisco. People weren’t being overly sexual and the amount of kids in the parade was amazing to me.

Yello face

I guess I don’t actually have a lot to say about the matter aside from recommending the experience if given the chance. I posted about 100 photos from the event on my flickr page, check them out if you’re interested in seeing what the parade is like.

man with golden gate bridge tattoo on chest

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