The Strategic Retreat

Sleep, School and Work

jeff in scrubs

My blogging consistency has been, and will continue to be, hampered by sleep, school and work. I had some problems with a CPAP leak for the past couple of weeks, which basically means my nights were spent suffocating instead of sleeping. I began a new job on Thursday, which means my weekdays and Saturdays will be spent toiling. I begin teaching myself Calc and Stats next week and begin summer classes for my MBA program in less than a month.

The CPAP issue appears to be mostly resolved but the 45-60 hour work week in addition to a marketing class and self-teaching myself 2 math classes will change my blogging schedule a bit. Which is too bad, as I always have plenty to say.

My goal is to post at least one post a week, on Sundays, and maybe a random post on various days of the week depending on my fatigue level. This is my life now, a life of limited free time. I’m hoping that once I get used to the life of a normal human I’ll actually thrive. I’ve never been successful with an abundance of free time and I tend to be more productive with structure and focus.

In short: I’ll still be blogging but I’ll be sleepy whilst doing it.

About Jeff

Jeff was born in the back of a War Game Store on the day the first Star Trek movie came out, to a computer programmer mother and a father who wrote the story for Dragon's Lair. Jeff has an MBA, a CSM, and a penchant for sticking his nose where it doesn't belong.