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The Nintendo Wii is Really a Power Glove

Nintendo Power Glove

I’ve been pretty busy these past couple of weeks. By busy, I mean; not busy but I didn’t feel like writing. I hurt my back playing Nintendo Wii the other day. I played a couple of games one night and then I couldn’t get out of bed for 3 days. I’m not necessarily blaming that on the Wii, a decade of muscle atrophy could have also been a factor.

As I laid in bed, unable to use my 15 pound laptop and forced to think, I realized something. The Nintendo Wii is really just a Power Glove that actually works. I mean, it’s not as cool as the Power Glove and you don’t get finger action but it’s basically the same thing. For comparison sake I think I’ll refer to the Wii as a Power Bracelet.

Remember the Power Glove? It was a big thing for a while. It was whispered about in the school yard, glimpsed at in The Wizard and dreamed about at night. I used to lay awake and fantasize about the Power Glove, my premiere pre-masturbatory fantasy. It was my my greatest childhood longing, until I got to use one. The Power Glove was a fraud in that it did not live up to my fantasies of having a virtual reality hand. In fact outside of Super Glove Ball it was pretty useless and Super Glove Ball was no Nintendo Sports.

It’s been a teenager since the Power Glove was released yet we still don’t have cheap virtual reality hands. What we do have is virtual reality wrists and that’s a start. I am still waiting on my flying car and food pill however.

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