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Yahoo Travel Doesn’t Know From Night Markets

Deepavali in Singapore

Yesterday Yahoo Travel published an article on “top 10 night markets in the world”. It was clearly written by somebody who has never been to a night market, but that’s not really what bugs me about it. What does bug me is:

1. Yahoo did not get my permission to use my photo.

2. Tekka Centre is not a night market.

3. That is not a picture of Tekka. That’s a picture taken a block away, off Serangoon during Deepavali/Diwali.

meat at Tekka

Also, Tekka Centre smells like it looks, and it doesn’t look like fragrant jasmine.

Chicken parts at Tekka

Tekka Centre is a great wet market and where I would go to get a nice fat Kampung chicken and calamansi oranges. If you want cheap fruit, halal meat or a tasty hawker meal Tekka is the place for you. But if it’s a night market you want, don’t come to Singapore. Any top 10 Night Market list that includes Singapore but leaves off places like Chiang Mai or Taipei just can’t be trusted.

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